Visitors to your retail location will notice when you have your retail d├ęcor designed by Studio Y Creations. Our team can help you develop ideas for decorating your shopping centre or store in a way that both attracts new visitors and gives returning shoppers a memorable experience.

We design play areas with children and adults in mind. Providing colorful and fun places to play, our play areas are safe, durable and provide plenty of seating and extras when appropriate for parents. We have installed various types of play areas in malls, dentist and doctor waiting rooms, health centers and retail locations. Big or small, we build them all!

Studio Y Creations helped bring the vision of this shopping mall's design team to life. This winter wonderland showcases a more contemporary and elegant look to celebrate the holiday season.

Engage new clients, attract attention, and create brand awareness with our high quality signage. From retail locations to corporations, we've built every kind of sign.